Saturday, November 13, 2010

Me in Real Life

I keep wanting to write a vlog (though I don't know how to pronouce it-- is it Vee-Log or vlog?) but I just can't get it together.

I love seeing online writing buddies in their vlogs, but the idea that I could be presentable, and have a free moment, and have something to say all at once-- seems highly unlikely these days.

So I thought I'd share some footage from my life. Here's me on the website at work (it may have to reload a few times before you see me. Hint: I'm not the robot, or the guy, or the woman in Afghanistan. I'm the other one. The one in the red jacket, with the solar panels).

And here are some photos of me and my favorite little people: 



  1. I love seeing people in technicolor! Er...real life!! So cool.

    Your boys are adorable (as you no doubt realize), and woooo for sustainability on campus!! If I were a student, I'd definitely take your course. ;)

  2. Yay! Great pictures and super cute kiddos! It's so much fun to see the real life side of the people I "know" online. Thanks for sharing. :)

  3. Wonderful pictures! Such cute little guys. Love the feature on the website. I don't think I could ever do a vlog - I'm just not video friendly. :)

  4. I know Susan-- I was inspired by your's and Holly's video segments-- it's just such a different way to see somebody who you know only in "text format".

    I agree Katy-- I feel the same way.

    Thanks Angie- I usually hate to see myself in photos and video, but I thought: who cares!

  5. Oh your boys are gorgeous! Thanks for sharing :-)

  6. Thanks Mummazappa- they are such sweet guys.

  7. wow - how cool do your boys look? i love that tree picture!

    i like when bloggers talk a little about their personal lives, it gives me such a better feel for them :)

    thanks for sharing. i have two boys as well (and a little girl) it doesn't seem that long ago they were little like that - they are 8 and 9 now.


  8. Aw look at those cute babies! Er, handsome little men. ;)

  9. Thanks Nomes-- I agree, it's a funny relationship, knowing so much about just one small part of a blogger's life.
    Two boys and a girl-- wow! My guys keep telling me they want a baby sister. As if!?!

    Holly, you can call them cute babies-- I do!

  10. awww! your fave little people are precious! i'm a mom of two lil' boys, too! christy


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