Friday, November 19, 2010

HP:Spolier Free

We came.

We saw.

We dug it.

Loved the newest installment of the HP series.

I won't spoil anything for anyone else by going into detail here. I'll only say the true and loyal friendship, especially between Ron, Hermione, and Harry really shone through in this one. What a great group of kids.

Their friendship is something else. And that's even before you consider all that honest and caring support from family... I want to hug Mrs. Weasley every time I see her on the screen, and don't even start me on Dobby. You'll break my heart if you bring up Dobby.

Can I go out on a limb right now and mention my love for Neville? His story lines are always so endearing and sweet-- he's the nerdy, quiet, fair-minded and dilligent friend that's rarely the "star" of the show. He's barely in this one, but all it takes is a millisecond of Neville and I start to tear up. I tried to read PofA in Dutch (failed miserably), and one of the key differences I noticed was that Neville was called Marcel! Why in the world did they change his name to Marcel? I will never understand it. All the other names were the same.

Also just fell in love with Hermione all over again. From the rad purple-striped suit (WHERE can I get one?) to her unwavering support of Harry no matter what. She's such a fantastic role model. In a world where many teen stars seem (to my old eyes) really vamped up in a way that's disappointing, I love that she's s down-to-earth, smart girl who has never been all about the boys.

How can we possibly wait until next summer for the final installment?


  1. I know, HOW are we going to wait?

    I'll carefully be spoiler-free as well, but I looooved this movie. I thought Hermione was the stand-out, but every part of it was strong. I can't wait for the final installment. Too cruel that it's so far away!

  2. I need a babysitter. That's all I'm going to say. Babysitter.

  3. I'm sitting in line at the theater. I. Can't. Wait.


    Enjoy Hank's song!

  5. I loved every single second of it. Every point you made I completely saw too.

    One thing that really got me was Emma's acting. It was impeccable. I loved having have read this article before the movie. Check it out if you feel like it. She really did an amazing job.

    How the hell are we supposed to WAIT until SUMMER!?

  6. Amie, I agree-- too far away!

    Angie- the sitter is key!

    Can't wait to hear your take, Holly!!!!

    I'll check it out Erinn

    Great article KT!

  7. Ooh, love your review! I'm going to see Harry today and I can't wait. Love that Hermione was your stand-out. She's by far my favorite character (especially in the final book) and I can't wait to see how Emma Watson pulls her off. Thanks for your great comments!

  8. As we discussed Kat, best movie so far. Even though I had just finished my re-read, i was on the edge of my seat, wondering where they would end it. You'll be thrilled to know that people in the audience screamed out his name whenever Dobby came on screen, made me tear up too. Am def seeing it again when it comes to our dollar theatre!


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