Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Second Contest! Woot!

I have been wanting to spread some more blog love because I enjoyed my first contest so much.

My first contest was about sharing something I love (books, to be precise) and this is, too-- but not books this time, but stationery.

I have a long and close relationship with the stationery arts. Not only am I a bona fide printmaker, but my mom's business is supplying invitations to everyone in our small town.
I also love letters, and I presume many of you do, too-- and I was a stamp collector (massive nerd alert!!!). I am no longer a card-carrying stamp collector, but I would be if I had the time and space for it.

I love letters, I love the paper they're written on, the envelopes that hold them, and the stamps that grace their top-right corners.
So my gift to the LUCKY winner will be one box of 8 letter-pressed cards from the uber-talented people at Little Lark.
Feast your eyes on some of their designs (just a few are pictured here).

What do you need to do to enter?

+1 for being a follower
+1 for tweeting
+1 for sharing the contest in a blog entry or a sidebar
+1 for commenting below about stationery, robots, gnomes, birds, bikes, wolves, horses, or stamps.

Open INTERNATIONALLY. If they won't ship to you, I will.

You pick the design of choice (and they're so amazing, they offer a buffet of gorgeous envelope colors).

5 additional FORTUNATE entrants will be sent the Little Lark button that they like best. OMG. SOOOO cute.

Contest runs through November 22nd. Just in time for all of your post-American-Thanksgiving writing needs.


  1. I love paper and patterns and pictures. Stationary is kind of similar to scrapbooking which i do some of, and origamy which I've also enjoyed.

    Love the wolf and the circle of birds. :)

    Does that count as 2 entries?

  2. angie- that counts as 2-- 1 for commenting and one for following.
    And I love the wolf too-- it reminds me of the linger graphics, which I adore.
    The birds is also one of my favorites... but really, they all are!

  3. Another contest?! Woo hoo! I'm totally like you as far as paper and stationary go. I just love a real, live letter or card. I always collect pretty cards and then send them randomly to my friends and my grandma. Even more, I love stamps, too! I don't collect them, but I love buying pretty, fun stamps to embellish my letters. No plain old American flag stamps for me!

  4. OMG, I WANT THESE! Those are so cute! Ack. I'm about to tweet (+1), I'm a follower (+1 -- though it is under another name...sdennard, I think), and I will blog about this on Monday. You can verify if you need to. :D

    STAMPS! I was obsessed with stamps growing up, and I always got red ink smeared on m fingers and then all over the house. Stamps were, like, my go-to gift for family members. Gosh, I hadn't thought of that in years....

    Thanks for the contest!!!

  5. Oh my goodness--this stationary is AWESOME. This is the first time I've entered a contest in forever, but TOTALLY WORTH IT!

    *crosses fingers*

    Tweeted it here

    Following the blog

    And I love robots. That and the gnome one made me snicker out loud, hehe. I collect notebooks--I have so many. But I love them,and eventually, I do end up using them (journals, recipes, photographs, etc). But they have to be different than just your average Five Star...I like funky ones the best.

  6. I also love pretty stationary.

    Cool designs : )

  7. Erin- grandmas truly appreciate letters more than most people. Before my grandma passed away we had a great letter-writing relationship. It was the best, and she always wrote good, LONG letters.

    Susan -- funny! stamps rule!

    Joanna-- isn't it? The robot with the forks for arms- I want to hug him. He is super adorable.

    thanks theartgirl-- glad you like it!!

  8. I love the designs...we never can get away from cards...there is something so personal about a an e-card anyday.

  9. I'm such a sucker for stationery! Wolves? No. I'm ridiculously afraid of them for no reason at all. Gnomes? Full of cuteness! lol Great contest!

  10. integrativethought-- you're right. No matter what they say, I think real cards will always be important.
    Holly-- plenty of good reasons to not be into wolves, if you ask me. The gnomes are adorable, huh?

  11. Oh, my! That little gnome is too cute. I have a thing for gnomes. It's not unhealthy, but it could become that way. I think that the birds are gorgeous. Love stationery!

    mrsderaps @ hotmail . com

  12. Lovely contest! I'd love a little lark button.


    GFC follower.

  13. Gorgeous comp, I love their designs!

    I'm such a huge stationery fan. Stationery is so promising... when I have a new notebook or a fresh card, I feel like *this* time my handwriting might be neat, this time it might be different!

    Two entries for me -- follower and a comment.

  14. I'm officially a follower now! Love the card with the cirlce of birds... so pretty!

    Thanks for the fun contest!

  15. How did I miss this?! I'm SO entering!

    I'm a follower, I tweeted, and I shared the link in my sidebar.

    And for the comment: I love the horsie card! Makes me think of when my Toby was just a little colt. Now he's a big doofus, but I still love him. Also, I wish I was a better letter writer. If I had cute cards to send, I'd be more likely to do it. *WINK WINK*

  16. I love the adult horse and baby horse. So cute, and such great design! Keep up the gorgeous work.


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