Sunday, September 12, 2010

Tell me what you think about my template

In the comments let me know.

I wanted something fresh for fall.

In lieu of that new wardrobe, you know.


  1. Very pretty and very fall. Love it.

  2. I'm really liking it - it feels fresh and a bit arty - like splatters of colour.

  3. Love the colors! I am paying forward a blog award. I hope you will accept it! You can find it here


  4. I like it. It's very abstract but not distracting and not "cutesy" like some that I see. I had to change my template the other day because I wanted it to match my book cover... so, I picked flowers. I think it might be too cutesy, though.

  5. Thanks everyone-- you know it is SO refreshing to change the template. I had no idea. I'll have to keep doing it every 4 months or so.
    Erin- yours was not too cutesy-- it was pretty funky (in the good way).

  6. I think it's lovely. Ethereal, autumnal, vibrant... What other purple prose can I muster?

    Seriously, though, it's an eye-pleasing template.


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