Wednesday, September 8, 2010

RTW: What's in your DUFF kit

You may be asking: what is a DUFF kit?

Kody Keplinger describes it this way: "DUFF Kits are meant to be comforting little collections that you can use on a relaxing night either alone or with friends. Things that are purely comfortable and fun and require zero pressure to be the prettiest in the room or the smartest or the funniest. You get the point." (source)

Survival at it's simplest, most comforting, and least showy.

My kit would include:
1. AM: Coffee, PM: Malbec
2. Red dansko clogs, beat up, dirty and oh so supportive.

3. Movies with Joseph Cotten, so good when you're good (Citizen Kane, Gaslight) and so horrid when you're evil (Shadow of a Doubt).

4. Chips, the saltier and vinegar-y the better.

5. Yoga pants from 1999... I'm so glad you're still with me, yoga pants, still grasping and holding your cotton-poly weave like you'll never let it sag. Please don't lose your elasticity.

So what's in your DUFF kit?
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  1. 1 - one of my besties introduced me to Danskos and I agree they're awesome.
    2 - I'm killing myself about the 1999 yoga pants. My pair about the same age.

  2. Yoga pants are everyone's fav today, and notice we are NOT talking about exercising in them! YES.

    Malbec mmmmm it's def. a favorite of mine. And salt and vinegar chips are the best!! I am so on board with this DUFF kit.

  3. Mmmm... Salt and vinegar chips. I miss those here in Germany.

    And, wow. I'm impressed everyone's yoga pants have held up so long. Mine are still around, but there are some big holes in them... Overenthusiastic puppy nibbles, kittens who don't yet know how to retract claws, and overenthusiastic pets in general. They've all left their marks. :)

  4. Your yoga pants made me smile (not the butt shot, the concept :)) I have my own pair of sweats that are so full of holes the Lord wants them!!

    Haven't read The Duff yet. Will soon though. What would I want? Coffee. And tea (Bengal spice). And pumpkin bread. I'll have to think about the rest.

  5. I'm on Team Yoga Pants too. Comfort FTW.

  6. I've never owned yoga pants, but I've always wanted to! They look so comfy.

  7. Salt and vinegar chips! Yes, absolutely!


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