Wednesday, September 1, 2010

RTW: Best book I read in August

It's not really fair.

This RTW is not fair to all the other books I read in August.I read so many fantastic books, but only one can be the best book of the month.

And this is an excruciating choice.

August was a good reading month for me.

I read:

Lock and Key by Sarah Dessen
The Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafon
Perfect Chemistry by Simone Elkeles
Stolen by Lucy Christopher
How to be Popular by Meg Cabot
Paper Towns by John Green
Looking for Alaska by John Green
How to Ruin your Boyfriend's Reputation by Simone Elkeles
Dirty Little Secrets by CJ Omololu
and The Highest Tide by Jim Lynch

They are all such great books.

Several authors are ones I've read before and like more and more as I work my way through their titles (John Green, Simone Elkeles).
I loved Simone's characters in this book-- they were complex and amazing. They had realistic problems that were portrayed in a thoughtful way.

I wish John Green's friends were my friends. Could they be more witty, clever or hilarious? I want to hang, John. Call me.

Others are authors whom I've heard about but never read, and was pleasantly surprised to find I liked their work (Jim Lynch, Meg Cabot, Sarah Dessen). These are authors whose books I will continue to read.

Jim Lynch is my nature-writer YA- mentor right now. I hope to one day write a book like this.

Meg Cabot's book was cute and fun, her characters jumped off the page. This was not a heavy read but I enjoyed it. It explored themes that are important to girls (and boys, too) of this age group-- how do I fit in?, what am I willing to do to fit in?

Sarah Dessen's characters are multi-faceted and living in a harsher, more difficult world than that of Meg Cabot's. They are so honest and vulnerable.

There were a few that I could NOT stop talking about. Books that stayed with me, that worked their way into my subconscious and had me rethinking my preconceptions (Stolen, Dirty Little Secrets).

Stolen kind of blew my mind. Never have I so despised a character who slowly wormed his way into my heart. Darn you, Ty!

And Dirty Little Secrets opened my eyes about mental illness, about how it is just a small bit of a person's personality and does not have to be the defining characteristic.

But unfortunately for all of these incredible books, I also re-read one of my favorite books of all time this month, The Shadow of the Wind. It is still my favorite among these, but by only a small lead.

I would recommend ALL of these books to a friend.

You can win a copy of Books I Love, including Shadow of the Wind, reviewed here, by entering my contest!


  1. Such a great list of books. I've read most of these authors and love them all!

  2. I am so excited that I've now seen Stolen twice on fave books lists. I have it on my TBR list and it will definitely be the next book that I buy! Of course, I must finish Mockingjay first.

  3. Perfect Chem was my favorite book of August. Awesome. I love everything by John Green. I wish he was my best friend. Do you watch his vlogs? pretty much awesome.

  4. Shadow of the Wind is one of my all-time favorites, too!

    I have The Angel's Game on my TBR shelf right now.

  5. Wow, you got to read so much! I'm a little bit envious, but you gave me some great choices. :)

  6. You did some serious reading in August! Some great choices, too :)

  7. Understand why The Shadow of the Wind topped the chart...but you gave great reviews of what's nipping at the heels...added to my list. Thanks!

  8. I read Looking for Alaska in August too, but I made the mistake of reading Paper Towns first.

  9. I really want to read Dirty Little Secrets. You did a lot of reading this month!

  10. Oh - what an awesome month! and it's just made me even more intrigued about Shadow of the Wind.

    And, did I get your comment right on my blog that you've read Beatle meets Detsiny? What did you think?

    I also got all crushed up in Stolen...

  11. @Bee-- yay-- I get all the good recommendations from other blogs

    Marquita- Stolen is a fascinating read!

    Erinn- i have not seen his vlogs, but I will check them out

    Rebecca- I really want to read the Angel's Game, would love to hear what you think.

    Pam- thanks, definitely check some of them out.

    Thanks Amanda-- I didn't watch much TV in August

    Great Kittie- I really liked them all!

    Alicia- I was comparing the two books THE WHOLE TIME, trying to figure out how the plots might (or might not) differ.

    kaitlin- dirty little secrets was phenomenal

    Nomes, no I haven't read it yet. I am on this thing called paperbackswap, and I added it to my list-- so I should get it pretty soon. I saw the rec for stolen on your blog! it was a mesmerizing read.

  12. Great list! I have read about half of these, but I want to get Perfect Chemistry. I've heard such good things about it.

  13. Oh man! So many books! Thanks for all the recommendations--I'm excited to check them all out. :)


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