Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Handwriting Meme

Thanks to Glenna for sending this my way.

The idea is you answer a few questions:
1. full name, blog name

2. right- or left-handed or both?
3. favorite letters to write
4. least favorite

5. Write: The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.
6. Write the following words in all CAPS: crab, humor, kaleidoscope, pajamas, gazillion.

7. Favorite lyrics

8. tag seven people with a special doodle or drawing

*hopes none of you are freaked out by bugs*

If you can't read the names, that is:
Jess and


  1. So cool! Love the paper, and your handwriting is almost spidery? Maybe it's just the insects getting to me.

    And I LOVE the Avett Brothers- nice choice!

  2. HEY!! Thanks so much for tagging me. AND, I love your handwriting. I am a total handwriting girl... so I LOVE this idea. One of these days I'm going to copy you (and give you credit, of course!).

  3. I love other's handwriting - hate my own though. Usually I just write too fast to pay attention to it and I'm not so sure that I'll look forward to the whole signing books process except for what it represents - success. Anywho, liking your blog!!

  4. What a fun meme! I love your doodle, and Avett Brothers lyrics make me swoon... ;)

    Thanks for tagging me, too. Can't wait to play!

  5. i like your handwriting and the layout of this post :)

    and those lyrics are kinda cool :)

    thanks for the tag - I'll hopefully join in soon.


  6. Love your handwriting and super cute paper! I did the meme today on my blog. YAY.

  7. Spidery Glenna? best compliment ever-- I love it.
    Thanks Erin.
    I hear you Angie-- unless it was in a book signing kind of context I would not be that into handwriting.
    Thanks Jess, Ahh, Avett Bros. Aren't they dreamy?
    Thanks Nomes- no pressure-- only if you can/want to.
    Cool Erinn, I will check it out.
    That's right, Sarah. one of my favorite bands OF ALL TIME.

  8. I love the paper! It's super fun along with your handwriting!!!!

    The Insect Collector??? Are you for real... it sounds scary... are spiders involved?

  9. @Jen Not usually spiders, mostly just bugs-- because the way you preserve spiders is different (I'll say it involves blanching, and leave it at that). But I have collected a spider or two in my day.

  10. That is the cutest stationary. And your crane fly reminds me of a bug collection I had to make for invertebrate zoology in undergrad. The crowning insect? An enormous luna moth!

    I just did this handwriting meme too, and I'm jealous of how everyone else's writing is so much more legible.

  11. I love this meme. I promise I'll do it as soon as I'm back in NZ :-)

    I like your handwriting. Much prettier than mine!

  12. @susan- I love a good bug collection. My first bug EVER was a luna moth. They are amazing.
    @Leila- yay- glad you like it. Didn't know you were away-- i was starting to worry about you. Glad to know you're only out of town!

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