Wednesday, August 25, 2010

RTW: Hunger Games in 'da house

I have skipped the last two Road Trips, being inundated with end-of-the-summer work. I missed it! I need to hit the highway again, stat.

RTW is a blog carnival where people who create and read the YA Highway blog all answer one question.

So, if you have not read Suzanne Collins' Hunger Games you may not be aware that the third book in her trilogy just came out yesterday. It's kind of a big deal for those who love the books, which is nearly everyone (but not in fact everyone, I'm lookin' at you Erinn) I know online in the writing world.

I am not reading mockingjay-- which is partially to do with my lack of spending money, and partially because I haven't read book two. It will happen, but I'm not rushing it. My point: if you haven't read the books this might not make sense. But otherwise, here goes.

This week's question: How would YOU impress (or not impress) the Hunger Games judges.

That is tricky. I can shoot a gun (I'm from Georgia, people-- we can all shoot guns), but I wouldn't say I have especially strong shooting skills. Not having practiced in about 15 years will atrophy anything.

The same with archery. I attended camp and learned to shoot bows/arrows, but it's not something I've practiced for many, many moons.

The skills of a political scientist are not really the "defend yourself in a death game" kind of skills (debating, researching, conducting experiments, interviewing stakeholders)...

As a mom I certainly have my share of survival skills (can go without sleep for days if needed, can stay cool in unbelievably frustrating situations, can reason with a three year old)-- but I'm not sure that would get me far.

My knowledge of insects and animals may be all that's left. I could certainly use them defensively, but that's so been done before (Katniss and the wasps).

That's all I got! There's the risk of using a venomous animal but not being stung yourself, but it's a risk I'd have to take.

What I take from this RTW: Must add "develop survival skills" to To Do List.

What about you?-- if you had to defend yourself using survival skills, what would you do? Go to the YA Highway to see other comments!

all have YA protagonists, though you might not think of them as YA


  1. Hahaha! My survival skills are like yours -- limited. I'm from Georgia too, but I definitely can't shoot a gun. I did karate, kick-boxing, and self-defense for many years, but I've gotten pretty rusty... Like, I'd probably break my hip if I tried a flying kick.


    I'm a fisheries girl, so maybe I can, er, catch fish? Survive off aquatic insect larvae? Will that wow the HG judges, you think? :)

  2. oh - i would so totally die in the first hour. maybe even before then. might die of an anxiety attack before they even put me in the arena. lol

    the only gift i have (other than writing) is singing. i guess if "music soothes the savage best" maybe i'd lull them all to sleep? then i'd have to figure out a way to kill them....

  3. *beast. savage beast. oy - i'm going to give up while i'm ahead today.

  4. Ooh-- soo much potential for cool stuff with insects. And welcome back! :)

  5. I loved your "mom" paragraph. Moms are automatic candidates for survivors in my opinion. ;)

  6. Susan-- living off of aquatic insects would def. work-- and you could find a few weapons in there, too (toebiter, maybe?)

    Amie- maybe music soothes the savage best, too. better than any other things? I vote for the lull/then attack
    Kate-- thanks!

    Jess-- totally true, more skills than I probably even realize are used every day when dealing with the wee ones.

  7. "What I take from this RTW: Must add "develop survival skills" to To Do List."


    I agree with Jess. The mom skills totally make you a candidate for survival. While everyone else is dragging and stopping to snooze, you'd be going strong!

  8. Oh, you'd so last longer than me. I'd trip over a tree root and fall on one of your poisonous insects!

    I know how to shoot a gun too - but those aren't too prevalent in the arena.

    That's it, I'm finding an archery class to take!

  9. Great post! I envy your knowledge of insects. That's helpful stuff even in the real world! And I'm definitely adding "develop survival skills" to my To-Do list too!


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