Friday, August 20, 2010

Long Trip Right Back to Beginning

6 word memoirs

I saw this on Rachelle Gardner's blog and fell in love with the idea.

Can you encapsulate your life story in 6 words? Mine is the title for this post.

A project by SMITH magazine.

Try it-- leave yours in the comments.

Then sign on at SMITH and submit your 6-word take on a number of subjects, including food, the digital life, america, love and heartbreak...

Or leave a story in their projects section: memoirs, exes, brushes with fame, or what's on your fridge.


  1. We're too young to fall asleep.

    (yeah, I stole it from Radiohead...)

    And I love yours -- I can identify with it for sure.

  2. if you're gonna steal, radio head is the way to go!

    love it!


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