Friday, August 6, 2010

Hi 5: YA/MG Books to Movies

Hi5 - Favorite MG/YA Books to Movies

A meme hosted by Cara @Chasing Words, Anne @Potter, Percy and I and Nomes

What are your favorite MG/YA Books made into movies:

Anne of Green Gables. I totally agree with Nomes on this one. Ahhh. Loved this so much as a young girl. Anne is so smart and sassy, so vulnerable but tough. And who didn’t want to be raised by the perfectly balanced Mirella and Matthew at some point in their childhood?

Dead Poets Society. Classic from my own YA-dom. Cute boys who love poetry? Sign me up!

Holes. I love a story that weaves in and out of itself and back again.

Little Women. I liked the Winona Ryder version—great cast, from the handsome (but never-gonna-get-Jo) Christian Bale to the charming Gabriel Byrne. I love the emphasis on women being more than their marriages.

The Outsiders. A brutal story but a great movie, and you can’t beat the Who’s Who of Movie Star Dudes.

Also on my shortlist: Rebecca, A Series of Unfortunate Events, Golden Compass, Jane Eyre, The Princess Bride


  1. HOles was perfect- both the book and the movie. Luis Satchel was the screenwriter for it...which is very rare for the author to do be screenwriter too.

  2. Ooooh - I love your picks - we have very similar taste.

    I have wanted to watch the outsiders (after loving the book) but cant track it down.

    Little women is just awesome and Dead Poets Society is one of my all time faves - but I didnt know there was a book! Have to check it out :)


  3. My bad-- DPS the book is apparently just a tie-in with the movie. More like they wrote a 'book' after they made the movie.


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