Wednesday, July 14, 2010

RTW: biscuits, alexandra, and my room

Road Trip Wednesday is a blog carnival hosted by the fab YA Highway. This week's question: what's your fave reading memory?

To get this memory you need to know three things.

1. I spent a lot of time in my room as a kid. I think it was the only place where I felt I could just be me. Not the me other people wanted me to be.

I spent ages reading up there.

2. My mom is a good cook, a great Southern cook. She used to make these delectable little sweet potato biscuits. They were a little savory and a little sweet, never dry. Everything a good southern biscuit should be.

3. I love to re-read books. If a book really moves me I will keep it forever, move it across state lines, around the country, over the ocean and back again. I have a few authors that I can read and read again. Alexandra Ripley was one of my first

If you don't know, Alexandra writes historical romances-- sweeping tales about life, love and family; heavy on the romance and the history. Before I had my first passport I'd traveled with her to New Orleans, New York, Paris, the cote
d'azur, Switzerland, and Florence Italy. Because of Alexandra, by the tender age of 14 I'd danced all night at a Jazz club during prohibition, lived through an influenza epidemic, gotten to know Lorenzo de Medici intimately (and I mean intimately), been betrayed, left for dead, learned the word lagniappe (one of the world's most fantastic words), survived wars, met a courtesan, been entranced by a Voodoo queen in the firelight, and fallen in love countless times.

One weekend my re-read of an Alexandra Ripley book coincided perfectly with the baking of said biscuits.

I remember lying on my bed, reading the book I already knew the ending to but loved, with two delicious biscuits by my side.

As the afternoon wore on, I savored all three. The room, the biscuits, and the story.


  1. nice memory :) I love the idea of those sensory reading memories. this is a hard topic this week. how to choose!!?!

  2. Mmmm! This is definitely making me think about baking before diving into the third Stieg Larson book. Any chance you can share the recipe?

    And I love your paragraph on Alexandra Ripley. What a compliment to an author to be so devoted and entranced by her over and over again.

  3. that is like... the best memory ever! my dad is also southern cook. i remember at his mom's house she's make apple pie, the kind where you use a fork to crease the edges? yum.

  4. Absolutely love this. And I'd like those biscuits, thank you.

    You have a beautiful command over words. This is the second post in a row you've made me tear up a bit, swooning over these descriptions. Great job!

  5. And now I am starving. Nice one. :) Hm... next post maybe should be the recipe?

  6. thanks guys! -- I asked my mom about the recipe last night. She will find it when she gets home (she's on vacation too) and send it to me. I will definitely post it then.

  7. I am so loving this idea. I've found new writers (YOU!) that I haven't met before on the blog so I'm really excited this little post exists!!!

    I too spent a lot of time in my room as a child. I would set up my comforter to be like a couch and all my stuffed animals would line up and we would have therapy talk, any issues the animals had we would talk out... very Toy Story. Ha-ha makes me giggle thinking about it now.


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