Thursday, July 1, 2010

Road Trip Wednesday: better late than never

A busy week including a conference every day and then trying to catch up on work obligations at night... and now a sick kid. Poor Willy! He is not having a good day. I will spare you the details, it's not pretty.

I read a lot of books this past month, some I adored and others I enjoyed but was not ecstatic about. Each book I read gave me new insight to help my writing.

I think the top choice for the month was The Ruby in the Smoke. Close ranking with Butterfly Revolution, but I think in a head-to-head, I would pick The Ruby to read again, and again. Also, I much prefer a book that is full of suspense to one that fills me with dread. My review is just below-- I read it only last weekend.


  1. I juts hoppeqd down to read your review of The Ruby in the Smoke. I must add it to my list, I loved His Dark materials! Thanks.

    Hope Willy is better soon.

  2. The Ruby in the snake, eh? I think I'll add that to my to read list!

  3. You know, I just recently heard about The Ruby in the Smoke from someone else. Two recommendations? I'll check it out :-)

    I loved the adventure in His Dark Materials.


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