Thursday, July 29, 2010

Friends, E books and contests

Good news last night that our dear friend Phing from the Netherlands will be visiting for lunch TODAY! I can't wait to see Phing and catch up on Enschede and our friends from "Wereldvrouwen in Twente". WiT is Phing's club for international women, and it was a life saver for me during my time over there. Phing, Jaap and Isa are at Brown for the summer and she kindly offered to drive up to visit.


Phing and the crew at Mayumi's baby shower. They always threw THE BEST baby showers! Lots of fun. See the full event on our family blog. Letteke's garden is to die for.

Upon getting on the net this AM I saw this interesting article on enhanced e-books in the NYT [E-books Fly Beyond Mere Text, Bosman, 7/29/2010].

What are your thoughts on e-books?

Some of the elements they describe are not appealing to me: Deliver us from Evil includes deleted scenes from the manuscript and an alternate ending. meh.

While some are much more tantalizing: Deliver us from Evil has research photos by the author, Nixonland features news footage and debates.

I think it also makes a difference to what level media are integrated into a text. Some features can be activated as you read the book- so one would have to pause their reading to take part in the given extra. It seems to me this could be much more effective as a complement to nonfiction than fiction. The idea of having fiction broken up doesn't appeal to me. At all. Though perhaps I simply cannot appreciate it until I see it done well.

I could imagine a cool "enhancement" for my book about the insect collector, with footage of the given insect available in a kind of appendix, including, as is the case with a field guide, their characteristics, habitat, and range.

AS for the CONTESTS, you should go over to the Blue Lipstick Samurai (Who is BTW incredibly clever, surprisingly young, and writes so much even I worry about her carpal tunnel.) to follow her-- when she gets 50 followers she will give away many a goody! And don't forget Erinn at Something Else to Distract Me (truer words were never spoken about a blog) is also having a super-duper giveaway right now.


  1. I have a nook, but I haven't read a book on it yet. My husband loves it. I want to read a GOOD book on it. I don't want a bad book to ruin the experience.

    Thanks for the shout out!

  2. I just can't stand eBooks- I don't like the idea! Truthfully, I have B&N eReader on my iPod, but the thing doesn't work. Those extra features shan't entice me!

    That club, I guess it is, that your friend began sounds incredible! I died over the last piece you wrote over your travels, they're fascinating and you write them beautifully.


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