Friday, July 16, 2010

Book review: the sky is everywhere

As Lennie and her friends would say, this book is fanfreakingtastic.

Sometimes I read books and I think, well, I could have done that. Raise your hand if you thought this even once when reading the twilight books. See.

But this book, oh my goodness, this book was phenomenal, transporting, magical, really unbelievable, and never at any point did I think “I can write a book like this”.

The author is an artist. A magician. This book is luminous.

I could not love these characters more. I could not wish more strongly that Bailey hadn’t died (not a spoiler btw). I could not be more in love with the Fontaine boys and their eyelashes. I could not be more satisfied that Lennie has Big and Gran and Sarah in her life to get her through this. I cried and cried throughout the book.

I am recommending it now to everyone I know.

I am giving this to my closest friends for their next birthday.

There are many books I like, but only with a few authors do I think I would like to read something else by them. With this author, the talented Jandy Nelson, I will read any and everything she writes.No questions asked.


  1. I agree - this book blew me away. i also gave away three copies of it to friends after reading it :)

  2. I spent 3 hours in the bookstore yesterday and didn't walk out with a single item. Now I have something specific to go back for. Thanks!


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