Thursday, June 17, 2010

What do you love, love, love

One of my favorite moments of the movie Amelie (and there are so many, aren't there? Don't even get me started on Delicatessen or The City of Lost Children..) but, anyway, back to Amelie.

I love when the narrator describes who her parents "are" by describing things they hate and things they love. I know I won't remember them all, but I distinctly remember her mother hated being in the bath so long that her fingers turned prune-y, but loved professional ice-skating costumes. I also loved that her mother/father both loved cleaning out their respective (purse/tool box) and organizing it.

SO what do you love or hate?

I love seeing a mobile phone in a movie that's more than 5 years old, especially one that's over 10 years old.

I detest seeing couples sitting together in a restaurant and not talking.

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