Tuesday, June 15, 2010


I had to rework my earlier post on querying.

Seeing those negative numbers looming on my screen was just too disheartening.
I revised that post, but thought I would re-post this new and improved information:

Because I work with and teach statistics I know a little secret. You can get numbers to support just about any theory. So here is my new theory. I am not an agentless author with no hope, I am a quickly-improving-author who will likely one day (one unnamed, unpredicted day in the near to very, very distant future) acquire an agent.

So here goes:

Percentage of queries in February/March meriting full/partial requests: 4.0%

Percentage of queries in April worthy of full/partial requests: 3.2%

Percentage of queries in May deserving full/partial requests: 14.3%

Percentage of queries in June earning full/partial requests: 7.4%

Whew. Self-esteem restored, and totally supported by the numbers.

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  1. Any number over 0% is a HUGE victory!!!

    May was a good month and June isn't done yet.


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