Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Max and Ruby

Why do these rabbits disturb me so much? I think because Ruby never listens to Max.

She never, ever listens. Every episode is an exercise in agony as you watch her fail to understand him, scold him about things over and over, and then FINALLY get it. Uuugh.

I also worry about their parents.

Where are their parents?

This sort of parent-less focus isn't unheard of for kids programming. I actually have noticed that many kid shows involve children and no parents (Kai Lan, Backyardigans, Charlie and Lola, Dora has parents in the intro, but almost never in the show, Diego is being raised by his cousin?, toot and puddle), but in the case of Max and Ruby it seems more disturbing. The Backyardigans are playing outside-- that's the whole theme of the show. The parents are working on something else.

Max and Ruby are different. They're all over the house. They have scenes in the kitchen, in their rooms, in the garden, watching television. Their grandmother shows up on occasion, but there is never any explanation about the parents.

I am always expecting one day to see "A very special Max and Ruby", the episode where the division of child and family services shows up. To save these kids.

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  1. Too funny KO! Yeah, the one we have, Bunny Money, they are buying a present for Grandma. :) And look at Peanuts, the parents are unintelligble background grumblings. Or think of any Sesame Street character that has parents? Arthur, who Alex is addicted to like Crack rock has parents in the TV intro, and in the books, but on TV do not appear very often. . .


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