Sunday, June 6, 2010

Books... check 'em out

This is a great line my manager Lee at the Yacht Club used to say all the time. It was a library promo when he was a child. I am thinking about this today because I feel like it is "summer reading time" even though I think I am way too old to sign up at my local library. I used to love the summer reading program at our local library. I remember the excitement of going to the library with our cards, signing up for the program, and then taking home a huge stack of books.

Summer always makes me want to read more. Though life these days does not include having the summer off. I am teaching, and doing a ton of research, but still I feel the itch to read. I just ordered a few books from amazon, including a couple to read with James. I will post all about that soon.

I am volunteering with a program in our neighborhood that works with high school kids. It's a mentoring program to help them get prepared for college. Many kids in our neighborhood will be the first in their family to get a higher education, if they make it. Our main responsibility is to help guide them through the process, because they do not have a lot of information about how the whole system works. So I met my lovely mentee Julie at the public library on Friday. She is such a sweetie. We had a great time talking. She was prepping to take the SAT so I mainly tried to (hopefully) keep her from getting too nervous about that. After, she showed me the YA section of the library. It's a separate room with a bright pink neon sign (not kidding) that says something like: "Teen Reads" on it. All I could think of was the workout video from my childhood "Teen Steam" starring Alyssa Milano.

Julie was waiting for me, so I just scoped it out quickly. I was looking for Simone Elkeles' book Perfect Chemistry, but couldn't find it. I've read a lot about it lately, as a relatively popular YA book. I grabbed Carl Hiassen's Hoot. I read his book Sick Puppy years ago, and liked it. Hoot is for young adults or maybe middle-graders, I am not sure yet. I know he is into the environment, and here's hoping his stuff is not too much like mine. I also saw recently that my all-time-entomology IDOL Edward O. Wilson has written a book about nature, bugs, and I think it also involves a mystery. I adore EO Wilson. He has many, many scientific works under his belt, and is also known for his essays on nature. I know he is a good writer, and incredibly knowledgeable about insects. I am also keeping everything I have crossed in hopes his book is not too much like mine. Not to imagine I am anything close to his level, I would jsut hate to be the second (or third) person to have an idea. We ordered Wilson's book Anthill from amazon because we both want to read it.

I found two other books at the library, back in the new titles section, Twenties Girl by Sophie Kinsella, author of the Shopaholic series, which I have not read. My mentee is going to let me borrow the movie. And, the new book Beatrice and Virgil by Yann Martel (author of the Life of Pi). LOVED Life of Pi, so really interested to check this one out.

I already finished Twenties Girl-- will post a review tomorrow.

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