Sunday, May 30, 2010

serenity now

grant me the serenity
to accept the things I cannot change;
courage to change the things I can;
and wisdom to know the difference

I was thinking about this in the shower last night. Not because I contemplate serenity often, but because there is oh-so-much I want to change. I realize this may not really be what they're suggesting, but still it had me thinking. I decided to list some things I cannot and can change, as it may help me remember. Here's a list:

things I cannot change

-that my husband cannot tell the difference between a kitchen towel and a bathroom towel.

-teaching: students texting in class

-that Willy refuses to use the big-boy potty

-how or whether people respond to my work (true for both jobs)

-the global economy. I am particularly unable to influence the economies of Greece or the EU countries. So I just have to stop worrying about that.

-what BP is doing with that damn oil spill. It literally makes me feel sick.

things I can change

-how I use my time (both jobs)

-how I treat Willy in terms of the whole potty thing. I'm thinking about going Obi-Wan and just dropping it all together. Sure, it's the easiest solution, but I also think continuing with the pleading/rewarding/reminding stuff is just turning it into a bigger issue. I think that is why he so thoroughly relishes not going to the potty.

-teaching: focusing "lectures" around discussion not lecture. I can certainly tell ALL my classes about the oil spill because chances are they have not even heard about it.

-writing: how many queries I send and my query letter (and it's improved a lot, thanks to QS). That being said, I know my synopsis is awful. That's next on the agenda. Right now I just don't send in a query if they ask for a synopsis, which is not really a long term plan. YA Highway is offering a contest for their one year anniversary and giving away (among other things) a synopsis critique. Crossing all appendages for that one.

-I am just dropping the towel thing, but really, how can he not tell? They're totally different shapes and sizes. He does not try to put a bath towel in the kitchen drawer, but basically anything smaller is fair game for kitchen use. It makes me crazy.

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