Monday, May 24, 2010

Projects and more

Now that classes are over I have to get cracking on research and writing for a few months.
I will also teach an online course, but that doesn't count as teaching so much to me. None of the fun interactions, none of the debating or discussing. Just the tests, the grading, the emails, and the MIA students.

I have been obsessing over the garden and yard these last few weeks. Totally fell in LOVE with our compost last weekend. Not just because I spotted a snake in there when I was turning it.
It has finally kicked off into true, breakin' down, steamy, composty goodness. We started it when we moved in last year with a ton of kitchen waste, then dumped a pile of leaves on in the fall. Not good compost chemistry. Then of course it froze in winter. I was beginning to think we'd never have success, and that I might have to start researching greens vs. browns, or adding something weird to it. But no, not the case. It just took off and became SOIL. LOVE IT.

Been watching bugs like a madwoman since spring came in. At Melissa and Mike's this weekend I saw about 35 different insects, and had a great time walking all the little kids around to show them. Their garden is breathtaking, and not even fully in bloom yet. I had serious garden envy. Baby steps. Ours has come a long way since last year-- Mike made me a raised herb bed, a raised strawberry bed, and a veggie plot. Then of course we've got the community garden plot, too. I only hope we get enough veggies out of it to not regret dropping the CSA membership. I'm trying to be patient. Not very hard. But I will give it one full growing season before I change the status quo.

Willy's class did bugs a few weeks ago, and James' class is on it this week. I sent in one box of specimens (all ones that are fine to be destroyed by curious 2-4 year olds) and several books. Zehra asked if I wanted to come in to talk to James' class about insects later in the week.

Hells yes.

I can't wait. Totally bringing in some big framed samples of massive tropical beetles and butterflies.

I have to shut down my computer now. I have been obsessed with writing lately. I need to break up with my computer, and definitely my email.


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