Monday, May 31, 2010


Spent most of yesterday in the backyard, sifting through compost. Mike tossed a bunch of junk in the compost pile this year-- out of a what you might call optimism. It's full of sticks, and I even found an occasional plastic toy in there. Since plastics never break down I was able to just pull them out and hand them back to the boys. Yay plastic. Ugg.

No more sightings of the resident snake. I'm hopeful it will appear before the end of summer. I layered a ton of compost across all the beds, and also got some more seeds and seedlings started. I even experimented with some hanging gardens. I used some old juice containers to put some squash out. It's not an ideal combination (small container, large plant), but nearly all of my gardening is experimental. This is just one more experiment. I start everything from seeds, so I feel some leeway. I don't put a lot of money into buying small plants, so I feel free to have my fun. Some of my coolest gardens have been experimental. Our garden in the Netherlands was PERFECT for sunflowers, and we always had an amazing crop. But sunflowers would not be the usual choice for a rainy, northern european country, but as you can see from the photos, it worked. The fence in the background was just about 6 feet tall. It's all that separated our garden from the Troll's workshop, but that's another post.

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